Moms & Dads,

Keeping your kids fit and healthy can be a challenge especially during a quarantine, our kids are restricted from the many fun activities and the socialisation that school provides, leading to more boredom and subsequently more frustration.

It’s easy to let video games be the answer to keeping the kids occupied. But what if you could transform that screen time into something that would give them confidence, boost their immune system, keep them fit, and give them the tools to succeed in life?

The good news is that at VTEAM Taekwondo our kids online martial arts program can do all of that! The online Taekwondo lessons VTEAM will provide help to keep children engaged and thriving even in tough times by providing entertainment, education, and fitness all in one package.

When leaving home isn’t an option, parents can struggle to find ways to keep little ones active and busy in a productive way. It goes without saying that kids have a lot of energy to expend. Martial arts training is a rigorous physical routine designed to help kids set goals and – most importantly – achieve them. Kids need structure and direction; and when families are staying home, martial arts programs can pick up the slack in imprinting these values.

Parents always have a few tricks up their sleeve to keep kids busy at home. Online martial arts training could be your ace in the hole. VTEAM Taekwondo training in a virtual setting provides the benefits of our on-site programs – all while you and yours can stay safely at home.



Get Fit

Energy Release

Develop Discipline

Stay Motivated

Train From The Comfort Of Your Home

Structure Helps to Promote Normalcy

Heaps of Fun

Stay Connected

Positive Mental Attitude

Set and Achieve Goals

Grow Physically and Mentally

Life Skills & Character Education

How does Virtual Class work?

It's actually very simple! We are using an awesome LIVE streaming platform called Zoom to schedule our virtual classes.

The best thing about Zoom is you simply click a link to join your class! Once you join, you have the option to turn your webcam and audio on or off, based on your preference.

No matter your visibility, Instructors are 100% visible and audible the entire class. You can even communicate to other members of the class via the chat box!

What do I need?


Reliable internet connection


Computer, Ipad or tablet


Zoom App (we will send you the customised link)


Training space: 2x2 meter square, clear of obstructions


Here is what you  get...

Each week you get access to:

3 x Zoom Live & Interactive Age Specific Classes

2 x Zoom Live TaekwonFIT Family Fitness Classes

1 x Fun Seminar or Event

Member Only Area With Many Tutorial Videos

As a special offer, we can also send you out a uniform and two kicking paddles (nice and safe) for 50% off!

In your first week, you will also receive a free 1 on 1 video coaching call with one of our teachers. We’ll explain the program, take your child though some fun basics so they feel comfortable in class, and make sure you’re set up right to access the classes.


Want more details? Fill out the details below and we will get in touch.