Grand Master Yong Dai Cho

Grand Master Cho is the Chief Instructor of Cho’s Taekwondo Academy, 9th Dan Black belt, highest rank in Australia. Grand Master Cho taught Taekwondo at Korea University and in the Korean military forces. He also spent time teaching in Hong Kong in 1966 to 1967. Since his arrival in August 1970, Grand Master Cho has founded many clubs in Australia, including some in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania.

2013 will mark the 43 year of establishment for Cho’s Taekwondo Academy. Grand Master Cho promoted over three thousand black belts, including thirteen 7 Master Cho created Taekwondo Bongsul (Taekwondo stick fighting art), Taekwondo Kumsul (Taekwondo sword fighting art), Taekwondo Ssangbongsul (Taekwondo double stick fighting art) and published his Bongsul book.